• Greeting Cards

    Christmas Cards (Box Set)

    Sixteen of our Jellybean Row houses, redesigned for the holiday season, with snow, lights, deocations and a subtle dusk light that brings out the warm glow of Christmas on Jellybean Row. The cards are blank inside - you can personalize your message - and envelopes are included. One of those rare Christmas cards that is also collectible, to be kept and treasured for years to come.

    SHIPPING SPECIAL: We will ship any order, anywhere in Canada, for just $25. Yes, a small order will cost less than that, but a really large order will cost just $25. Imagine shipping 10 bixed sets of greeting cards all the way to Iqaluit for just $25! We will absorb the additional cost to give you peace of mind while shopping online.  Here’s the fine print: orders must fit in one box – and we have some very big boxes – and a mailbox cannot ship with our larger stretched canvas, because the canvas is light and fragile and the mailbox is heavy and mean. But that’s it. So order now, knowing you can jam a lot into that carton for just $25 shipping.

    Buy for $32.00