• Key Chain Holder

    Jellybean Row Keychain Hanger

    We are thrilled to launch a new product: the Jellybean Row Keychain Hanger, featuring our own original art. It's big, measuring 5" by 11", and comes with four silver hooks. The vibrant colour and vivid detail in this piece is just breathtaking - and it looks even better in person!  We print these right in the gallery using our dye-sublimation heat press system.

    SHIPPING SPECIAL: We will ship any order, anywhere in Canada, for just $25. Yes, a small order will cost less than that, and one Keychain Hanger ships for $18, but you can send a bunch of them all the way to Ottawa for just $25. You can't beat that. Here’s the fine print: orders must fit in one box – and we have some very big boxes – and a mailbox cannot ship with our larger stretched canvas, because the canvas is light and fragile and the mailbox is heavy and rather assertive. But that’s it. So order now, knowing you can jam a lot into that carton for just $25 shipping.

    Buy for $34.95