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    All 16 houses in the Jellybean Row collection, printed in high resolution in miniature size, measuring 2” wide by 3” high (when folded). Ideal for gift tags, love notes, or just admiring on your desk or countertop. There have even been rumours that some of you have framed them, but we can’t confirm this.


    Your fridge is going to look amazing! All 16 houses in the Jellybean Row collection are available as fridge magnets, each measuring 2” wide by 3.5” high. The colours are bright and punchy, and the price is right!

    SHIPPING SPECIAL: We will ship any order, anywhere in Canada, for just $25. Yes, a small order will cost less than that (and gift tags ship for $3 for the first pack, plus $2 for each additional) but you can really save on a mixed purchase. For example, you can ship a mailbox, several plaque mounts and a dozen packs of gift tags all the way to Edmonton, for just $25! You can't beat that. Here’s the fine print: orders must fit in one box – and we have some very big boxes – and a mailbox cannot ship with our larger stretched canvas, because the canvas is light and fragile and the mailbox is heavy and rather assertive. But that’s it. So order now, knowing you can jam a lot into that carton for just $25 shipping.


    Buy for $6.95