• Stretched Canvas

    Church Hill Blueberry

    Stretched canvas is the newest addition to our product line, and these pieces are generating a lot of excitement. Really. You've never seen the medium used this effectively. The two-inch sidewall afforded by the gallery wrap shows the side of the house and enhances the 3D effect already achieved using line and shadow. These pieces literally pop from your wall. Is there a space in your home - over the mantle, above the couch, in the foyer or stairwell - that still needs that special 'something'? If so, we have the perfect solution.

    Our canvas pieces are available in three sizes: medium (10" wide by 16" high), large (15" wide by 24" high) and super-size (20" wide by 32" high). Think about that: three  super-size canvas pieces can span an area larger than most framed artworks. And if the space is especially large, you can affordably add one or more pieces every year.

    Prices range from $150 each for the medium to $250 for the super-size. The super-size are by far the best buy, at $250 for 640 square inches, versus $150 for 160 square inches in the medium size. That's four times the real estate, for less than double the price.

    SHIPPING SPECIAL: We will ship any order, anywhere in Canada, for just $25. Yes, a small order will cost less than that, but a really large order will cost just $25. Imagine shipping six 20" X 32” stretched canvas pieces all the way to Prince George, BC, for just $25. We will absorb the additional cost to give you peace of mind while shopping online.  Here’s the fine print: orders must fit in one box – and we have some very big boxes – and a mailbox cannot ship with our larger stretched canvas, because the canvas is light and fragile and the mailbox is heavy and mean. But that’s it. So order now, knowing you can jam a lot into that carton for just $25 shipping.

    The canvas pieces are incredibly lightweight and easy to install. No frames, wires or hangers are necessary. Using two nails or screws, simply hang them directly on the wooden top rail. We suggest you place the nails fairly close together, to allow more flexibility in positioning your pieces. For example, if the opening on the back - between the two side rails - is 13 inches, space the nails 5 or 6 inches apart, and closer to the centre. This way, you can slide the pieces so that they are touching together, or space them further apart, depending on your mood. For the canvas, we like to leave a space of about three inches between each piece, to properly display the sidewall (plaques generally work best when positioned tightly together).

    To see how the stretched canvas pieces would look in various combinations on your wall at home, please go to the Build and Buy page and follow the instructions. It's fun and extremely useful in personalizing your home décor decision.

    We ship our canvas pieces via Canada Post (surface) in sturdy cardboard cartons and have not had a damaged order yet, so go ahead... indulge yourself!

    Buy for $195.00

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