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    Jellybean Row Mailbox

    Featuring our exclusive Jellybean Row art, like you've never seen it before, on one of the best mailboxes money can buy.

    Artwork is printed on special, weather-resistant exterior vinyl, the same kind used on outdoor signs, trucks, aircraft and even submarines. We offer a three-year warranty against fading of artwork. (It's guaranteed not to fade for three years based on testing in Arizona, where the punishing sun shines all year round, so the mailbox will last a lot longer in northern climates.)

    The mailbox is high quality, sturdy 18-gauge galvanized steel, manufactured in Canada by Riopel Mailboxes. Hinges are stainless steel, and magazine hooks are included. The unit weighs more than seven pounds - you can feel the quality when you hold it in your hands.

    Your house will be the talk of the neighbourhood, when you mount this exciting product at your entranceway.

    Measurements: 15" wide, 7" high, 3.5" deep. Please note: The mailbox is available in one design, shown above. We cannot mix and match house combinations at this time.

    SHIPPING SPECIAL: We will send any order, anywhere in Canada, for just $25. Yes, a small order will cost less than that, but a really large order will cost just $25. Imagine shipping two mailboxeds all the way to Prince George, BC, for just $25. We will absorb the additional cost to give you peace of mind while shopping online.  Here’s the fine print: orders must fit in one box – and we have some very big boxes – and a mailbox cannot ship with our larger stretched canvas, because the canvas is light and fragile and the mailbox is heavy and mean. But that’s it. So order now, knowing you can jam a lot into that carton for just $25 shipping.

    Buy for $119.00